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If you are planning to fetch laravel result in groupBy by created_at it might not working. Personally I was facing this problem, however, after fixing this issue, I am sharing you how to fixed that. There are two ways to do that. Way 1: This might be work fine for you, however, its not following the proper way of Eloquent methods.…

I believe, so many programmers are using sublimetext as a code editor in daily coding, me too. I bind here some important command for mastering on sublimetext in daily work. Day by day, I will update this list. Select whole text in-between two tags Imagine that, you have two tags and you want to select all texts inside two tags.…

If you are looking for the behaviour of a professional programmer, this post can be helpful for you. Just imagine that, how a professional programmer think, how they work and so on. I figure out some important points to increase your workflow in order to be a professional programmer. Never Say, "I'll fix it later" Ignoring styling issue as a…

If you want to find and replace more than one item from a string, you can follow the following techniques- Let's think of it, this our our text where we need to change the words java jsp and python words by php laravel and wordpress.

$phrase  = "Lets learn java, jsp, and python every day.";
$old = array("java", "jsp", "python");
$new   = array("php", "laravel", "wordpress");

One of the new addition of Larave directive is includeWhen directive in Laravel blade. Let's see, how to use that. Imagine that, you need to include a protected notice for aunthenticate user. In normal procedure, we check-

    //current user is auntehticated
    @include('notice')  //include notice page
It works fine. However, the whole things, you can do in more easier way. Let's do that-
@includeWhen(Auth::user(), 'notice')
It's cool, isn't it?

If you want to print HTML code in VueJS, you can follow this post. Imagine that, you have a html page where you need to print html output from VueJS.

Way 1

In VueJS-
new Vue({
  el: 'body',
    lists : '<img src=""/>';
Now you need to print this in html template. In your html template-
{{{ lists }}}

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